Welcome to Westside Pediatric Dental and Orthodontic Group, where we are dedicated to providing top-notch orthodontic care for children and adolescents. Our specialized team is committed to creating beautiful, healthy smiles through the use of braces, tailored to each individual’s unique needs. With a focus on pediatric orthodontics, we understand the importance of early intervention and comprehensive care to ensure a lifetime of confident smiles. Request an appointment today to get braces for your child!

Braces are one of the most effective ways to correct misaligned teeth, bite issues, and create a beautifully aligned smile. Our dentists are experts in diagnosing and treating a variety of orthodontic conditions, including:

  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Crowded Teeth
  • Spacing Issues

We offer various types of braces, including:

  1. Traditional Braces: These are the tried-and-true metal braces that have been used for decades to effectively straighten teeth.
  2. Clear Braces: For those who prefer a more discreet option, clear braces offer the same benefits as traditional braces but with less noticeable brackets and wires.
  3. Invisible Aligners: We also provide clear aligner options like Invisalign, which offer a virtually invisible way to straighten teeth.
  4. Orthodontic Appliances: In some cases, additional orthodontic appliances may be necessary to correct specific issues. Our orthodontists will guide you through the process and treatment plan.