Emergency Care

There can be emergency situations when it comes to your children’s teeth. Knowing how to treat an issue effectively is essential for a pain-free recovery. In the event that pain persists, contact us immediately at our office so that we can schedule an appointment.


If your child is experiencing severe toothache, clean the area around the sore tooth gently. Use warm salt water to rinse the gums and remove any excess foods trapped around the teeth. Avoid any aspirin based medicine on the aching tooth or gum and use ibuprofen to ensure temporary pain relief. If the pain is severe, contact our office immediately for an appointment.

Broken Tooth

In case of a broken tooth, gently apply warm water over the area and use ice over the cheek to reduce pain and swelling. Recover any tooth fragments so as to avoid your child swallowing them.

Discolored Tooth

Tooth discoloration often occurs when the patient suffers severe trauma. If the discoloration does not disappear after a few weeks, contact us immediately for an appointment with our pediatrician.

Knocked Out Tooth

Recover the knocked out tooth by holding it from the crown and not the root. It is important to clean the tooth, but do not handle or clean it more than necessary. Try reinserting the tooth in the socket using a clean piece of cloth. Time is of the essence when dealing with knocked out teeth, so contact us immediately in case this happens.

Canker Sores

If your child is experiencing sores on the gums, over-the-counter medications can usually solve the problem. If the problem persists, contact us immediately for an appointment.

Let Us Help

If any emergency situation occurs and you need further assistance, call us immediately and one of our team members will try to help you. If necessary, they will schedule an appointment with our doctors as soon as possible. If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, please dial 911.

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Emergency Care

Knowing how to treat a dental emergency effectively is essential for a pain-free recovery.

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