Baby & Permanent Teeth

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Baby Teeth

Primary teeth commonly referred to as baby teeth, play a critical role in your child’s development. Oral and dental wellness will allow your child to maintain good nutrition and chew food effectively.

Great teeth also help with the child’s speech and pronunciation as well as improve his/her smile. Baby teeth also guide the eruption of the permanent teeth when your child reaches age 6. Children who have missing primary teeth or lose one or more tooth prematurely require a maintainer – a device used to hold the space open, thus allowing for permanent teeth to form naturally.

Both children and adults are susceptible to poor oral hygiene, and both can develop plaque and gingivitis if proper care is not used. Any family history of dental problems must be made available to our dentist on the child’s first visit. Our dentist will make sure that your child has proper baby teeth treatment to allow ideal development of primary teeth.

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Permanent Teeth

Permanent teeth will start to grow around age 3. They grow underneath the gums and bone structures of the mouth and they should be fully present around age 14-15. At a certain point, a pediatric dentist will take x-rays to record these structures to ensure that they are forming correctly.

The x-ray used is called the panorex. It allows the dentist to see all of the oral structures of the child and monitor growth and development. This is critical to spot any anomalies and malformations so that they can be dealt with immediately.

Usually, the first x-ray is taken around age 6, with the following one at around age 10 to continue to monitor the development of the child’s bone structure.

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Baby & Permanent Teeth

Primary teeth commonly referred to as baby teeth, play a critical role in your child’s development.

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