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Pediatric Dentistry at Westside Pediatric Dental Group

We provide comprehensive dental services for children, teens, and young adults in both offices located in Santa Monica and Torrance. Our offices, designed specifically for kids, provides a unique and fun environment where children can feel at home. Whether this is your child’s first dental appointment, or you are seeking a new dental “home” for your child, we provide excellent dental services catered to your child’s needs.
An informative overview for new patients on your first visit, services we offer, directions to our office, and new forms required.
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Primary teeth commonly referred to as baby teeth, play a critical role in your child’s development. Read about the details here.
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Our preventive care includes regularly scheduled, professional teeth cleanings. Find out how often we recommend scheduling your appointments.
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“Prevention is better than cure”; nothing is truer when it comes to dental hygiene in children. Read the research on preventive steps for your child.
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Although dental conditions vary, we put together a list of the most common teeth conditions that affect children, as well as our recommendations for each.
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There can be emergency situations when it comes to your children’s teeth. Knowing how to treat an issue effectively is essential for a pain-free recovery.
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Get financial information on Westside Pediatric Dental Group’s payment plans, accepted insurances, and payments accepted.
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Frequently asked questions and answers about our office and how we work to provide the best pediatric care for your child.
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Good Dental Health Starts At Home

As a parent, it’s your job to ensure that your children practice good dental hygiene on a regular basis. Proper oral care must be introduced by parents early on in a child’s life so that life-long habits are formed.
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In accordance with The American Dental Hygiene Association, a good oral hygiene routine for children must include the following:

  • At the infant stage, thoroughly clean and massage gums after each feeding with a water-soaked infant cloth. This is done primarily to remove any excess food in the infant’s teeth, stimulate gum tissue and most importantly help the child adapt to regular dental hygiene routine.
  • As early as age 3, teach your child proper brushing techniques using a small toothbrush and applying a little fluoridated toothpaste. We recommend that at the age seven you teach them proper brushing and gentle flossing.
  • Check your home’s water supply to see if it’s fluoridated. In the event that it isn’t, discuss supplement options with your dental or health specialist.
  • Children may develop developmental problems in their teeth, for this reason, schedule regular visits with a dentist to thoroughly check for cavities.
  • Sugared liquids and foods can present a major problem to children’s teeth. We recommend consulting with your dentist about sealant application to protect your child’s teeth surfaces and bottle tooth decay.

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